It all started at the age of 9. Brian entered a talent show in High School at the age of 15, he WON!.




Brian is a graduate of the famed Chavez college of Manual Dexterity and Prestidigitation. He not only performs for children, he has a world class magic act for adults.


Brian learned ventriloquism while stationed with the Air Force in Japan. All alone and tons of time on his hands. Brian spent 4 hours a day for two years learning ventriloquism. "Calvin" is still part of the show today.


Here's Brian in Japan performing with Calvin


Brian with good friend and Disney star Brad Ross


Brian gets to meet his idol ventriloquist Willie Tyler and Lester


Brian will perform anywhere!


Brian Eslick is originally from Huntington Beach, Ca. And became engrossed in magic at the age of 9. Brian first learned about magic through the local magic club the famed “long Beach Mystic’s’ which has produced more top named professional magician then any other organization of it’s kind. Right out of High School Brian join the U.S. Air Force and served more then 20 years traveling around the world, and even served in combat during the Gulf War. While in the Air Force Brian has been able to entertain in England, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia. He has won talent competitions throughout Europe. After the Air Force Brian set off to perform full time in the New Jersey New York area. He has built a successful entertainment business Brian Eslick Enterprises LLC. Brian performs Magic & Ventriloquism for Children, Family, and Corporate clients. He is primarily booked through word of mouth, and a number of select booking agents in the Tri-State area. Brian is also a certified stage hypnotist; this is a hysterical show featuring the audience as the stars of the show. He Hypnotizes people and puts them through all sorts of funny situations. You can find out more about this by visiting Brian loves to perform and has a unique dry sense of humor that most people just love. With many talents, Brian is also a Voice Over artist for radio and television. Brian's first love is Magic, he performs full time. (this is my job, how cool is that!)